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DC-DC Converters for Commercial Avionics

For the rapid development of your commercial aircraft power systems, depend on VPT’s DC-DC converters and EMI filters for:

  • Flight critical modules
  • A consistency of supply
  • Proven long-term support

For decades, VPT has delivered faithfully on these promises to manufacturers including Airbus, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, Dassault, and Honda, to name a few.

Designed specifically for hi-rel applications including avionics, VPT’s off-the-shelf DC-DC converters and EMI filters offer extreme reliability over temperature cycling, meet industry standards, and are typically delivered from stock.

  • Two levels of product to choose from depending on flight critical or non-flight critical needs: Mil/Avionics or Hi-Rel COTS
  • Fixed switching frequencies
  • Circuit protection features including soft start, undervoltage lockout, over current and short circuit protection
  • Products meet or exceed standards MIL-704A, MIL-STD-461 C-F, DO-160 and other standard aviation specifications
  • Screened for shock, vibration, and the other demanding environmental factors of flight
  • Many modules are offered on DLA Standard Microcircuit Drawings (SMDs) for quality assurance

Get your design off the ground with VPT today. To begin, choose the product series from the table below.

Commercial avionic customers
Product LineDescriptionPower RangeTemperature RangePackageDLA SMD Available
DC-DC Converters:
Avionics & Military Series
When critical reliability over
extreme temperatures
is required.
1.5 to 120W-55 to +125 CHermetic hybridYes
DC-DC Converters:
Hi-Rel COTS Series
DC-DC Converters:
Hi-Rel COTS Series
5 to 200W-55 to +100 CSix-sided metal packagingN/A
DC-DC Converters:
Non-Isolated Point of
Load Series
When paired with the
isolated converters above,
these POL converters deliver
power to the load in a tiny
size, light weight, extremely
efficient power solution.
3A, 5A, 10A, 20A-55 to +125 CHermetic hybridYes
EMI Filters
and Accessories
Achieve MIL-STD-461, 704A,
DO-160, and other critical
system compliances with
these modules. Also includes
bus converters and power
line protection.
0.8 - 15A-55 to +125 C,
-55 to +100 C
Hermetic hybrid, six-sided
metal packaging
VPT, Inc.

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