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Above and below the water line, VPT’s DC-DC converters and EMI filters power your marine vessel and its systems reliably. Salt air, pressure, and extreme temperatures are our specialty.

VPT’s high-reliability modules work through any marine environment.  Every day, organizations including the US Navy. Northrup Grumman, Curtiss-Wright, and JMSDF rely on VPT’s power solutions for the roughest ocean-going programs.

VPT offers a variety of off-the-shelf product grades to power your program:

  • Avionics/Military DC-DC Converters.
    When hermeticity is vital, employ these modules that carry full mil temp ratings of -55 deg. C to +125 deg. C.
  • COTS DC-DC Converters
    Perfect for any ground application in rugged 6-sided metal packaging. Temp ranges from -55 deg. C. to +100 deg. C.
  • Power Products on SMDs.
    Design with confidence using VPT’s extensive list of qualified products on Defense Logistics Agency (formerly DSCC) Standard Military Drawings (SMDs).
  • Point-of-Load DC-DC Converters.
    When paired with the isolated converters above, our POL converters offer a tiny size, light weight, extremely efficient power architecture solution.
  • EMI Filters and Accessories.
    VPT offers two grades of EMI filters, transient suppressors, and line conditioners: avionics/mil hermetic grade and COTS grade.


Recent VPT Solutions for Hi-Rel Marine Systems

VPT is currently powering various systems on ocean-going vessels worldwide including:

  • Power plant control
  • Sonobuoy sonar
  • Battery management electronics
  • Nuclear power systems
  • Aircraft launch systems
  • Environmental controls
  • Motion controllers
  • And many, many more

View our extensive list of supported programs.