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Intuitive Machines’ Odysseus Is The First Commercial Spacecraft to Land on The Moon

March 6, 2024 |

Houston-based aerospace company, Intuitive Machines, has successfully launched and landed a spacecraft on the lunar surface, completing their IM-1 mission. A week after its launch in February 2024, the lander, Odysseus, made a soft landing on the Moon. This marks the first American presence on the Moon since  Apollo 17 over 50 years ago and represents the first instance of a commercial spacecraft accomplishing this historic feat. 

The lander carried 12 government and commercial payloads, including six for NASA, as part of their Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) initiative. CLPS is intended to eventually support NASA’s Artemis program, by increasing the number of robotic service providers on the Moon for the upcoming crewed missions.  

This mission stands as a remarkable achievement, with Intuitive Machines successfully reaching all 16 milestones, culminating in a triumphant landing. Intuitive Machines is preparing for their IM-2 mission scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter of 2024. VPT is proud to have parts on board this historic mission that underscores the notable advancements in the recent history of space exploration. We congratulate everyone involved with this program’s success.  

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