For Avionics, Military and Space Programs

Our hybrid DC-DC converters and EMI filters are available in multiple environmental screening grades to satisfy a wide range of requirements. Environmental screening for the KL1 grade is referenced to the MIL-STD-883 test methods applicable for MIL-PRF-38534 Class K devices, per in-house procedures. Custom environmental screening can be performed to meet specialized needs.

Please contact a sales representative concerning any custom environmental screenings you require.


Engineering model
Class H
Class K ** or Class KL1
/K or KL1
Bond Pull
Method 2023
Internal Visual Method 2017, 2032
Internal Procedure
Temperature Cycling Method 1010,
Condition C
Method 1010,
-55°C to 125°C

Constant Acceleration Method 2001,
3000g, Y1 Direction
Method 2001,
500g, Y1 Direction

PINDMethod 2020,
Condition A*
Pre Burn-In Electrical 100% at 25°C     
Burn-InMethod 1015,
320 hours at +125°C
Method 1015,
160 hours at +125°C
96 hours at +125°C
24 hours at +125°C

Final ElectricalMIL-PRF-38534,
Group A†
55°C , 25°C, 125°C
HermeticityMethod 1014,
Fine Leak,
Condition A
Method 1014,
Gross Leak,
Condition C
Dip (1x10-3)

RadiographyMethod 2012 ††    
External Visual Method 2009

*100% R&R testing at -55°C, +25°C, and +125°C with all test data included in product shipment.
PIND test Certificate of Compliance included with product shipment.
Radiographic test report included with product shipment.