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VPT Boosts Virginia Tech Space Research Program

April 26, 2010 | Updates

VPT recently donated $15,000 to the Virginia Tech Electrical and Computer Engineering (VT ECE) Department. In the photo, VPT’s President Dr. Dan Sable presents the donation to Professor Scott Bailey in the Virginia Tech University Laboratory for Remote Sensing and Aeronomy.

Pictured behind the check is a space telescope that is part of the NASA Polar NOx sounding rocket mission for which Professor Bailey is the principal investigator. This mission will be powered by VPT’s standard product DC-DC converters and is scheduled for launch in February 2011. The Polar NOx mission will measure nitric oxide, thought to be a significant source of ozone destruction, in the upper atmosphere.

Dr. Dan Sable will continue his lifelong work in the space arena with a presentation on radiation hardened DC-DC converters at the upcoming Space Parts Working Group conference, May 5, in Torrance, California.

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