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Now Available: SVR Series of Rad Hard DC-DC Converters, Qualified for Use in Space Programs

May 20, 2013 | Press Releases

First Standard Power Converters & EMI Filters Available Compliant to MIL-HDBK-1547 & Aerospace TOR Requirements without Customization

SPACE TECH EXPO, Long Beach, CA, May 21, 2013 – Today VPT Inc., a HEICO company (NYSE:HEI.A) (NYSE:HEI), announced the availability of a new series of radiation hardened DC-DC power converters, point of load converters, and EMI filters to power space systems.

The new SVR Series of space power products includes 24 new modules in 7 product families, all based on space-proven heritage designs and available qualified to MIL-PRF-38534 Class K. These are the first power conversion products commercially available that are out-of-the-box compliant to the new Aerospace Technical Operating Report (TOR) requirements for space power systems. The new SVR Series of power products are suited for use in low Earth orbit (LEO), medium Earth orbit (MEO), geostationary orbit (GEO), deep space, and launch vehicle programs.

View the introduction video, “Space Qualified DC-DC Converters – The SVR Series from VPT.”

VPT’s SVR Series also features maximum levels of radiation hardening with a Total Ionizing Dose (TID) level of 100 krad(Si). Unique to VPT, these products include Enhanced Low Dose Rate Sensitivity (ELDRS) in the total dose rating for maximum reliability. The Single Event Effects (SEE) rating for these products is MeV/mg/cm2. All modules have been submitted to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for Standard Microcircuit Drawings (SMDs) with most modules available on released SMDs.

“VPT is proud to introduce the SVR Series for the next generation of space programs,” said Monty Pyle, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Based on our twenty year history in working with customers to power space programs such as GPS III, SpaceX, and the Venus Express spacecraft, we have put significant R&D into the development and qualification of these products to ensure they meet all of the newest requirements for space-bound programs.  With the addition of the new requirements for TOR compliance, the SVR Series offers the most advanced and most suitable products to power tomorrow’s space missions.”

About the SVR Series of Space Qualified Power Products

The SVR Series performance in space programs is guaranteed through the use of hardened semiconductor components, radiation lot acceptance testing (RLAT) of non-hardened components, and analysis. The SVR Series is characterized for TID performance including ELDRS and SEE according to VPT’s DLA-approved Radiation Hardness Assurance (RHA) plan per MIL-PRF-38534, Appendix G, Level R. Characterization is performed at both the component level and at the SVR Series hybrid level.

Modules now available:

Max Output PowerModel SeriesOutput Voltages (VDC)Total Dose with ELDRSSEEDesigned for TOR ComplianceDLA SMD Number or Drawing
Rad Hard DC-DC Power Converters - Isolated
15 WSVRHF2800SSingle 3.3, 5, 12, 15100 krad(Si)85 MeV-cm²/mgYes5962-13231
15 WSVRHF2800DDual ±5, ±12, ±15100 krad(Si)85 MeV-cm²/mgYes5962-13232
40 WSVRTR2800SSingle 3.3, 5, 12, 15100 krad(Si)85 MeV-cm²/mgYes5962-13209
40 WSVRTR2800SDDual ±12, ±15100 krad(Si)85 MeV-cm²/mgYes5962-13210
100 WSVRFL2800SSingle 3.3, 5, 12, 15100 krad(Si)85 MeV-cm²/mgYes5962-13233
100 WSVRFL2800S/DDual ±5, ±12, ±15100 krad(Si)85 MeV-cm²/mgYes5962-13234
Rad Hard Point of Load DC-DC Power Converters – Non-Isolated
8 ASVRGA0508S-1.5% to 1.5% of Vout100 krad(Si)85 MeV-cm²/mgYes5962-13217
EMI Filters Qualified for Space
2 ASVRMH28Single 28ImmuneImmuneYes13011
4 ASVRMC28Single 28ImmuneImmuneYes13010
10 ASVRME28Single 28ImmuneImmuneYes13009

All SVR Series products also feature:

  • Wide input voltage range: 18 to 37.5 V plus 50 V transient or 5V input  (SVRGA only)
  • Continuous operation over full military temperature range of -55 °C to +125 °C
  • Hybrid hermetic technology
  • Fault-tolerant design with patented technology –no optoisolators

Space-Level qualifications include:

  • Qualified to MIL-PRF-38534 Class H and Class K, on DLA SMDs or pending DLA SMDs
  • Fully compliant to MIL-HDBK-1547 and Aerospace TOR deratings
  • Available compliant to MIL-HDBK-1547 and Aerospace TOR component level screening
  • MIL-PRF-38534 element evaluated components
  • Manufactured in a MIL-PRF-38534 Class H and Class K facility
  • Worst case analysis, stress, radiation and reliability reports available

About Aerospace TOR Requirements

Aerospace TOR refers to reports developed by Aerospace Corporation and flowed down as requirements on space asset procurements that cover technical requirements on electronic parts, mechanical parts, materials and processes involved in the manufacture of components used on space-based systems.  The requirements include guidance on analysis, part deratings, prohibited part types, and part element evaluation and screening that exceeds the requirements of MIL-PRF-38534 Class K.

Pricing and Availability

Modules are available in engineering models for design as well as models fully qualified to MIL-PRF-38534 Class H and Class  K. All products are available now with pricing beginning at $1,500.00 in OEM quantities. Datasheets and complete technical details are available here. For further information, contact VPT at (425) 353-3010.


About VPT and HEICO

VPT, Inc., part of the HEICO Electronic Technologies Group, leads the industry in providing innovative DC-DC power converters, EMI filters, and custom engineering services for avionics, military, and space applications. VPT can deliver its power solutions in a fast timeframe, with certified quality, at a comfortable cost. Every day, organizations like NASA, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, the United States Air Force, and many more depend on quality solutions from VPT to power critical systems. Whether on the ground, in the air, or beyond, VPT provides the power driving critical missions today. For more information about VPT, please visit the web site at


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