VPT’s engineering leaders are luminaries in the field, receiving numerous patents and awards.

Awards & Achievements

Military & Aerospace Electronics
Innovators Award 2022
Platinum Level Award: VPT’s VSC Series Space COTS Converters
Innovators Awards 2019
Platinum Level Award: VPT’s SGRB Gan-Based DC-DC Converter
Innovators Awards 2016
Platinum Level Award: VPT’s V-SHIELD packaging technology

Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems
4-Star Supplier Excellence Award, 2013 & 2019

L-3 Space & Sensors
Distinguished Supplier Award, 2018

L-3 Communications
Supplier Excellence Awards, 2011 & 2012

Raytheon Airborne and Space Systems
4-Star Supplier Excellence Award, 2013
3-Star Supplier Excellence Award, 2010

Supplier Excellence Award, 2009

Prompt Dose Radiation Hardened Point-of-Load Power Converter, 2008

Modular Power System Configured with Standard Product Hybrid DC-DC Converters, 2005

Air Force
Parallel-Connected Converters with Innovative Control, 2003.

Outstanding Achievement Award
“Space qualified, high efficiency, high current, modular power converter using multi-layer high density packaging,” U.S. Department of Defense, 2000

Air Force
Space Qualified, High Efficiency, High Current Modular Power Converter, 1999.

NASA Glenn Research Center
High Density DC/DC Converter Modules for Satellite Applications Using Multi-Layer Hybrid Packaging. 1998

Outstanding Achievement Award
“High Density DC-DC Converter Modules for Satellite Application using Multilayer Hybrid Packaging,” NASA, 1999

Kirtland Air Force Base
A Gallium Arsenide Synchronous Rectifier-based Low Voltage Power Converter for High Radiation Environments, 1997

Outstanding Achievement Award
“Variable Frequency AC Motor Controller Using MCTs,” U.S. Department of Defense, 1997

Variable Frequency AC Motor Controller using MCTs, 1996.

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
High Efficiency, High Density, Card-Mounted Low Voltage Power Supply, 1995


K. Seaton
“Power Converter With Circuits For Providing Gate Driving,” US#9,966,837

G. Hua, X. Zhuang, and D.M. Sable
“Half Bridge DC-DC Converter with Low Output Current Ripple,” US#5,999,433

W. Chen, S. Butler, and D.M. Sable
“A Power Converter with circuits for Providing Improved Gate Driving,” US#5,963,438

M. Chen
“Bi-directional Magnetic Isolator”, US#5,963,438

…and more than 20 other patents for power supply innovations.