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A9001 Lead Extender Series

The A9001 series of high reliability DC-DC converter and EMI filter Lead Extenders are operable over the full military (-55 °C to +125°C) temperature range. The lead extenders provide an effective method for mounting/connecting side leaded VPT packages to customer PCB applications.


  • Copper Alloy Cu-70210 or C97
  • 120 microinches minimum of 90 Sn / 10 Pb solder plate
  • Diallyl-Phthalate (DAP) WH-9100-BLK (HM-Type)
  • Low-weight of 2g each (typical)
  • Compatible with industry standard pinouts/cc
  • Product may be installed for Up or Down Leaded use
  • The epoxy resin encapsulant used in the lead extenders
    absorbs helium and krypton. This absorption prevents leak testing
    acceptability when using helium or krypton.
  • For proper installation, Application Note ‘Hand Soldering
    Guidelines for VPT DC-DC Converters and Accessory
    Products’, can be found here.


Compliances and Certifications:

  • Manufactured in an ISO9001 certified facility

Summary Data

For complete specifications, please see the official datasheet.

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