Thermal Mounting Pads

Thermal pads provide a low thermal resistance path, good thermal performance, and excellent isolation between the DC-DC converter and the mounting plane. They improve heat conduction by filling air gaps between DC-DC converters and printed circuit boards, heat sinks, or chasses. No thermal greases are necessary.

  • For use with most DC-DC power converters
  • Thermal conductivity: 2.6W/m-K
  • Breakdown voltage: >5kV
  • Temperature rating: -60°C to +200°C
  • Specific gravity: 3.2g/cc
  • Heat capacity 1J/g-K
  • Hardness (shore type 00): 80
  • Dielectric constant: 7.0
  • Volume resistivity: 1010 ?-m
  • See TP Series Thermal Pads for case drawings


ModelFor Use With
TP-001DVFL2800S, DVFL2800D
TP-002DVHF2800S, DVHF2800D
TP-003DVTR2800S, DVTR2800D, DVHV2800S, DVHV2800D, DVEHF2800T, DVHE2800S
TP-004DVTR2800T,DVETR2800S, DVETR2800D,
TP-005DVSA2800S, DVSA2800D
TP-006DV200-2800S, DV200-2800D, DV200-27000S, DV200-27000D
TP-007DVHF+2800T, DVSB2800D, DVGF+2800T
TP-009VPT15-2800S, VPT15-2800D
TP-010VPT30-2800S, VPT30-2800D
TP-011VPT100-2800S, VPT100+2800S, VPT100+2800D, VPTF20, VPTPCM, VPTHVM, VPTi10, VPTc10