SVRHF2800D DC-DC Converter

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VPT’s SVR Series of DC-DC converters deliver a qualified power solution for your next LEO, MEO, GEO, deep space, and launch programs. Rad hard, qualified to MIL-PRF-38534 Class K, and designed for TOR compliance, these modules help you get your system off the ground fast. View VPT’s space program heritage.

Combine our extensive family of DC-DC converters for space with VPT’s point of load converters for space and EMI filters for space to create a light weight, extremely efficient, space-qualified distributed power system.

Packing 15W in a miniature, lightweight case, the SVRHF DC-DC converter is guaranteed radiation hardened including ELDRS plus it’s designed for Aerospace TOR compliance for the longevity of your space mission.


  • Dual outputs of ±5,  ±12, and ±15 V
  • Up to 20W output power
  • Radiation immune magnetic feedback circuit: no use of optoisolators
  • Wide input voltage range of 18 to 40 V
  • High input transient voltage: 50 V for 1 second
  • Very low output noise
  • Protection features: short circuit/current limit, undervoltage lockout
  • Full operation over the -55°C to +125°C military temperature range
  • Flanged and non-flanged case styles available
  • Fixed switching frequency of 450 kHz
  • Hermetic hybrid technology
  • DLA released SMD

Space-Level Characterizations

  • Guaranteed TID performance to 100 krad(Si) including ELDRS
  • SEE characterized to 85 MeV-cm2/mg with no dropouts, shutdowns, latch up or burn out
  • Guaranteed performance through the use of hardened semiconductor components, RLAT testing on non-hardened components, and analysis
  • Characterization is performed at both the component level and at the SVRHF Series hybrid converter level
  • All characterizations performed according to VPT’s DLA approved RHA plan per MIL-PRF-38534, Appendix G, Level R
  • Worst case analysis, stress, radiation and reliability reports available

Compliances and Certifications

  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with MIL-HDBK-1547 / Aerospace TOR
  • Available compliant to MIL-HDBK-1547 / Aerospace TOR component level element evaluation
  • Qualified to MIL-PRF-38534 Class H and Class K
  • 100% tested per MIL-STD-883 as referenced to MIL-PRF-38534
  • ISO-9001
  • Meets MIL-STD-461 Revisions C – F EMC requirements when used with a VPT EMI filter
  • View our facility certifications

Summary Data

To provide you with the most accurate data for the actual performance of this product once deployed, please note that the electrical performance data provided below is at Tcase = -55° C to 125° C, Vin= +28V +-5%, full load, unless otherwise specified.

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Subject to all export restrictions and export regulations including but not limited to the Export Administration and Foreign Assets Control Regulations. Further restrictions may apply; contact VPT for details.