COTS Potted Module Environmental Screening

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The chart below describes VPT’s typical screening for COTS potted modules. Custom environmental screening can be performed to meet specialized needs. Please contact a sales representative concerning different environmental screenings for  other high reliability applications.


ScreeningMIL-STD-883Standard (No Suffix)Military/MIL
PreCap InspectionIPC-A-610 Class III
Temperature CyclingMethod 1010, Condition B, 10 cycles
Burn-In96 hours at 100° C
12 hours at 100° C
FInal Electrical100% at -55° C, 25° C, 100° C1
100% at 25° C
Final InspectionMethod 2009

Note 1: 100% R&R testing at -55° C, +25° C, and +100° C with all test data included in product shipment.