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VPT Provides High Reliability Parts for NASA Mission

September 19, 2016 – The Roanoke Times recently covered the involvement of VPT in the OSIRIS-REx asteroid mining mission. VPT President John Hodock explained the significance of high reliability DC-DC converters for space programs as well as the history of VPT’s success. See the complete article for more detailed information.

VPT Featured in Avionics Intelligence

September 5, 2013 - VPT’s success was featured in Avionic Intelligence‘s coverage of the record setting flight by the EURO HAWK unmanned aircraft system (UAS).

Read the complete article by Courtney Howard, Executive Editor of Avionic Intelligence.


VPT Powers Antares Rocket in Successful Test Launch

April 23, 2013 — VPT congratulates Orbital and NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility on the successful test last weekend of the new Antares launch rocket. This vehicle is powered by VPT and on top of the excitement of the launch success, we are thrilled to see this vehicle launch from our own home state of Virginia!

See the details of the Antares program in this nifty infographic posted by

More on Antares and other recent VPT programs.

Now Launching with VPT: Atlas V ELV

February 25, 2013 — VPT is proud to power critical flight systems on the Atlas V expendable launch vehicle. Run by the United Launch Alliance of Lockheed Martin and Boeing, the Atlas V has logged nearly 600 launches to date with 100% mission success.

Read about this program plus the other programs the rely on VPT on our Program Spotlight page.



Now Rolling with VPT: Main Battle Tank

January 9, 2013 — VPT is proud to power multiple systems in South Korea’s Main Battle Tank K2. For its critical systems, this vehicle depends on VPT DC-DC converters and EMI filters to provide reliable power under extreme operating conditions.


VPT’s solutions for armored ground vehicles

VPT’s Hi-Rel COTS Series of DC-DC converters and accessories

Venus Express, Powered by VPT, Taking Measurements During Historic Transit

June 6, 2012 – It is getting cosmic around here! VPT is powering systems on ESA’s Venus Express, launched in 2005. Yesterday and today this spacecraft was busy taking measurements during the transit of Venus across the Sun.

According to the Venus Express blog, the spacecraft orbiting Venus is measuring sunlight as it filters through Venus’ atmosphere, revealing the concentration of different gas molecules at different altitudes. Simultaneous ground-based measurements will be compared with Venus Express data to test techniques use to characterize rocky Earth-size planets.

Read more on Venus Express here:

SpaceX Falcon 9, Dragon Mission Reaches ISS Successfully with Power by VPT

May 29, 2012 – Last week  Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) successfully launched its Falcon 9 rocket carrying a Dragon spacecraft bound for the International Space Station (ISS). After orbiting, the Dragon capsule successfully attached to the ISS to deliver food and supplies to the astronauts stationed there.

Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) made history when its Dragon spacecraft became the first commercial vehicle in history to successfully attach to the International Space Station.  Previously only four governments  – the United States, Russia, Japan and the European Space Agency  – had achieved this challenging technical feat.

VPT is proud to be a part of the excitement, powering a variety of environmental, antenna, and safety controls on board both the Falcon 9 rocket and the Dragon space capsule.

View the grappling and berthing of the Dragon capsule, courtesy of NASA:


Russian Space Research Institute Thanks VPT

VPT recently received a letter from the Russian Space Research Institute recognizing VPT’s contribution to the development of the Lunar Exploration Neutron Detector (LEND) for NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), launched in 2009.

In a letter, the Institute said, “Due to perfect cooperation with your company, the flight-quality secondary power converters made by VPT were delivered to us in the shortest terms possible at our special request and then they were successfully and timely integrated into the instrument having passed all the testing procedures.”

The letter went on to praise VPT with “Since the start of the LRO mission on June 19, 2009, the LEND instrument has been successfully operating as part of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter which proves high technical performance and reliability of your company’s products.”

The LEND instrument provided a unique dataset on hydrogen abundance in the lunar soil, and this data is already used by the scientific community worldwide to plan further manned missions to the Moon.

Totally Cool! Mercury Messenger, Powered by VPT, Reaches Orbit

NASA’s spacecraft, Mercury Messenger, is now all set to explore our system’s “smallest and strangest” planet. Check it out!

Read the USA Today article.

Read about the mission on NASA’s website.

Cool Programs Lift Off With VPT

Whether it’s finding water on the moon or saving soldier lives worldwide, engineers are counting on the performance and reliability of VPT DC-DC converters and accessory products.