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New Article: Complex Factors Drive Mil/Aero DC/DC Converter Choice

December 4, 2012 – Steve Butler, VPT’s President of Engineering contributed an article, “Complex Factors Drive Mil/Aero DC-DC Converter Choice” to the November 2012 edition of COTS Journal. The article explains why matching the proper DC-DC conversion technology with a military /aerospace design is less straightforward than it may seem due to a host of reliability, packaging and standards issues need to be considered.


Synopsis:Critical applications range from undersea to military ground to commercial and military avionics to deep space. DC/DC converters, point of load converters, EMI filters and other power modules are offered by various manufacturers, all claiming high reliability. The question is, how do you know what level of quality and reliability you are getting, and how do you select the correct level for your application?

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VPT’s Point of Load Converters Ranked in Top 10 of “Top 101 Components” By Electronic Design Magazine

July 9, 2012 — VPT’s new 20A DVPL point of load DC-DC converter was recently named to the the list of “Top 101 Components” by Electronic Design Magazine. VPT ranked the second most popular power product viewed over the past year on Electronic Design’s website, and eighth most popular product of the year overall.

The list is created each year by Electronic Design Magazine through a combination of page view counts and site user voting.

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VPT Featured In Article on Power Design Trends

February 21, 2012 - VPT was featured in Military & Aerospace Electronic’s article “Power Supply Manufacturers Pursue Smaller Size, Lower Weight, and Higher Efficiency.”


“Military and avionics customers are continually seeking smaller size, lower weight, and higher efficiency in their power supplies to save on board space, design cost, and operation cost,” says Steve Butler, Vice President of Engineering at VPT Inc. in Blacksburg, VA. Not only are power supplies being weighed against those factors, but as a vital piece of any system they must be rugged and reliable.

Military and avionics power supplies also are held to high standards. “Customers also continue to demand a true military/avionics-grade, or high-reliability power converter,” Butler continues. “Hermeticity is vital for these types of applications.” Hermeticity prevents air and gas from interfering with the power supply, and many high-reliability applications such as aircraft benefit from a system that is unaffected by outside sources.

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Four VPT Product Families Honored in Electronic Design’s Top 101 Components List

Electronic Design magazine recently named several VPT product families to its “Top 101 Components” list for 2011. The products included on the list are:

  • VPTc10 EMI Filter
  • DVHF 20W DC-DC Converter
  • DVTR 40W DC-DC Converter
  • DVFL 120W DC-DC Converter

Product selections for Electronic Design‘s list were based on reader interest.

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VPT Distributed Power Article Featured in ECN Magazine; Get the Full App Note Here

VPT’s article on distributed power architecture design graced the cover of ECN’s December issue, featuring information on how to create a distributed power architecture with a smaller, more efficient, cost-saving footprint.

Authored by Jeremy Ferrell, VPT’s Manager of Standard Engineering, this article discusses the advantages of using point of load converters over traditional isolated DC-DC converters. Also included are efficiency comparison diagrams and important implementation issues to consider.

Products featured include the DVPL0503S point of load DC-DC power converter and the HERO distributed power architecture system.

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VPT Featured in Article on Radiation Hardened Electronics

June 23, 2010 - In the current issue of Military & Aerospace Electronics magazine, VPT’s team provides technical information and market insight for John McHale’s article ”Radiation-Hardened Electronics Technology Remains Stable Amid Steady Demand in the Space Market.”

“The hottest market shift is a huge demand for rad-hard point-of-load converters that can be used in conjunction with traditional isolated rad-hard DC-DC converters to support high efficiency distributed architectures,”” says Daniel Sable, President, of VPT Inc. ““Using point-of-load converters instead of standard DC-DC converters throughout a system saves size, weight, and dramatically improves efficiency and therefore thermal designs are simplified. All of these are critical issues for spacecraft. This technology is very mature for commercial applications, but there have been few offerings of high efficiency, non-isolated, rad-hard point-of-load DC-DC converters for use in space applications.”

““A major industry concern the past few years has been enhanced low dose rate sensitivity (ELDRS),” says Leonard Leslie,” Manager of Space Programs at VPT. Designs must not show ELDRS, which is “caused by components degrading earlier when exposed to a dose rate closer to that seen in the application, as opposed to the high dose rates traditionally used for design qualification,”” he adds.