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How2Power Covers VPT’s Rad Hard POLs

July, 2018How2Power, the website created to help electronics and electrical engineers solve real-world design challenges in power conversion, featured information on VPT’s recently released SVPL Series of point of load power converters. The article includes information on the design features, including the benefits derived from the SVPL Series’ use of Renasas ISL700x family of rad-hard synchronous buck regulators. The full article can be viewed here.

SAE International Article Features Space Debris Removal Mission with VPT on Board

July, 2018- Courtney Howard of SAE International reported on a mission called RemoveDEBRIS which is one of the first operations to tackle the problems associated with equipment debris orbiting the Earth.

Credit: SAE International

The article covers the many organizations involved in the RemoveDEBRIS mission, the importance of the mission, and explains the functionality of the satellite. The full article can be viewed here.

VPT Efficiency Tips Featured in Electronics Magazine

July, 2017 – The most recent issue of the UK’s Electronics Magazine featured an article by VPT’s Steve Butler, Director of Advanced Product Development, on improving power conversion efficiency through advanced topologies for military applications. Butler details proven electronic design possibilities for simplifying power system design yet improving overall performance while meeting multiple military specifications. Please see the full article, titled “The Power Behind Military Electronics”  here

HEICO on Institutional Investor Magazine’s Most Honored Companies List. HEICO CEO Laurans Mendelson Named Best CEO in Aerospace & Defense

January 12, 2016 – VPT’s parent company, HEICO, announced today that it has been named on the prestigious list of Most Honored Companies by Institutional Investor Magazine. The highly-regarded publication has also named HEICO CEO, Laurans A. Mendelson, Best CEO in the Aerospace and Defense Electronics sector. The results are based on a survey of over 3,000 portfolio managers and analysts considering characteristics of a strong management team. The press release can be viewed here.

VPT Provides High Reliability Parts for NASA Mission

September 19, 2016 – The Roanoke Times recently covered the involvement of VPT in the OSIRIS-REx asteroid mining mission. VPT President John Hodock explained the significance of high reliability DC-DC converters for space programs as well as the history of VPT’s success. See the complete article for more detailed information.

VME Power Systems article in Aerospace & Defense Technology

June 30, 2016 – An article written by Steve Butler, VPT’s Director of Advanced Product Development, is featured in the June issue of Aerospace & Defense Technology magazine published by Tech Briefs. The article, titled “Designing VME Power Systems with Standard Modules” explains the potential for rapid development of custom VME solutions through the utilization of standard DC-DC converters and EMI filters. Within the article, Butler covers the benefits of the “custom using off-the-shelf modules” approach. Additionally, he details how designing the custom VME power systems can meet multiple military engineering standards and performance specifications.

Read the complete article.

EE Times Europe Covers VPT’s High Temp Product Announcement

May 13, 2016 – The European division of EE Times covered VPT’s recent announcement of its launch of the HTD Series of DC-DC converters which are specifically designed for harsh and extreme temperature environments. The complete article is linked here.

VPT Design Tips in Military Embedded Systems Magazine

December 21, 2015 – Steve Butler, VPT’s Director of Advanced Product Development, recently shared information with the readers of Military Embedded Systems on advanced power conversion topologies for military programs. The article details potential design approaches that meet military standards for wide input voltage range while increasing power conversion efficiency and decreasing heat, size and weight. Please see Military Embedded Systems magazine to read the complete article.

Military Embedded Systems Editor’s Choice: SVR Series

June 25, 2015 - John McHale, the editorial director of Open Systems Media and publisher of The McHale Report on the defense electronics industry, selected VPT’s SVR Series for the recent Military Embedded Systems magazine “Editor’s Choice Products” report. The article, titled “A Power Solution for Space Applications,” covers the military and TOR qualifications of the SVR Series along with the general product features including radiation exposure performance .

Read the complete article.


Ruggedized EMI Filter Article in HOW2POWER.COM

May 2014 - HOW2POWER recently published VPT’s article entitled “Using Ruggedized EMI Filters to Pass the CS101 Requirement of MIL-STD-461DF.” In this article, the CS101 requirements are examined. Its implications for the design of the power system – the combination of input EMI filter plus power converter – are discussed. The CS101 test method is presented, including a number of testing precautions that designers should observe.

Read the complete article.


Military Embedded Systems covers VPT in Rad Hard Space Components article

June 4, 2014Military Embedded Systems recently published an article discussing many of the factors surrounding the radiation hardened components market – including program requirements and supplier trends. Leonard Leslie, VPT’s Manager of Space Programs, along with other industry experts, contribute their insight on matching program needs to reliable components. The article also discusses rad hard components for the commercial space and international markets.

Read the complete article by Editorial Director John McHale.


Industry Discussion: Does the term “COTS” need to change?

March 27, 2014 – In a Google+ Hangout today hosted by Military & Aerospace Magazine, industry experts including VPT’s Malcolm Campbell discussed the COTS terminology and whether or not it’s time for a new term to differentiate high-reliability products. The video of the discussion as well as more information can be found via Military & Aerospace Electronics.



Electronic Products Includes VPT in Trend Talk

December 11, 2013 – Hearst’s Electronic Products published an article on military aerospace electronics product trends featuring input from VPT.

Read the complete article.


Military & Aerospace Electronics Discusses VPT’s SVR Series SMDs Release

November 25, 2013Military & Aerospace Electronics covered VPT’s recent announcement of its entire SVR Series on DLA released SMDs and explained the significance of the standard microcircuit drawings: “The program increases the manufacturing base for DOD procurement and helps the government save money.”

Read the complete article. View the original press release.


VPT Article in EE Times Europe

November 4, 2013 – VPT was featured in EE Times Europe‘s Power Management section in its article describing considerations for selecting DC-DC converters specifically for space applications.

Read the complete article by Steve Butler, VPT’s Director of Advanced Product Development.


VPT Featured in Avionics Intelligence

September 5, 2013 - VPT’s success was featured in Avionic Intelligence‘s coverage of the record setting flight by the EURO HAWK unmanned aircraft system (UAS).

Read the complete article by Courtney Howard, Executive Editor of Avionic Intelligence.


Space Tech Expo Features VPT

July 31, 2013 – Space Tech Expo’s recent article featured VPT’s space qualified and proven products. VPT will be exhibiting at Space Tech Expo, which is a B2B event for spacecraft, satellite, launch vehicle and space-related technologies. The Expo is being held April 1 – 3, 2014 in Long Beach, California.

Read the complete article.


VPT’s SVR Series featured in Military & Aerospace Electronics

June 28, 2013Military & Aerospace Electronics magazine’s recent article discussed how, even with the shrinking U.S. defense budget, the radiation-hardened electronics industry is seeing a strong market. Design requirements and techniques, including TOR compliance was discussed. The article included VPT’s SVR series DC-DC converters and EMI filters which meet TOR derating and element evaluation guidelines and are designed for the harshest space radiation environments.

Within the article, Monty Pyle, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for VPT, states, “Instead of having various systems designers come in and talk about Class K+ in different ways-there’s almost this feeling out and learning process every time-TOR has brought that vagueness more into a gray circle; it helps bring people to the point faster on what’s really realistic and available. We can point to a spec now. There’s a commonality there; it’s not a start from ground zero.”

Read the complete article by Skyler Frink of Military & Aerospace Electronics.


Military Embedded Systems Covers VPT’s View on Rad Hard Space Market Trends

June 28, 2013 - A recent article in Military Embedded Systems discusses the space market’s increase in rad hard requirements and looked to VPT for commentary:

“As you go up in radiation tolerance, the challenge is maintaining the same or similar performance levels,” says Monty Pyle, VP of Sales & Marketing at VPT in Bothell, WA. “For radiation-hardened components it is about the components you select, addressing their potentially differing footprints and/or electrical characteristics. It is not just a simple matter of swapping out components. We also have stringent TOR – Technical Operating Report – requirements that are becoming more and more fixed and demanding every year.”

Read the complete article by John McHale of Military Embedded Systems.


Just Published: New Article on Intermediate Bus Architectures for Space Applications

January 21, 2013 – In an exclusive technology feature, HOW2POWER has published VPT’s latest article, “Rad Hard Processors And Power Converters Propel Intermediate Bus Architecture Into Space Applications.”

Authored by VPT’s Manager of Space Product Engineering, Leonard Leslie, this article covers efficient design parameters, various architectures, and the vital environmental issues to consider when developing a distributed power system for space.

Read the complete article.