New Video Lab: Operation of the DVCL Inrush Current Limiter

Having trouble with inrush current? Learn about the DVCL inrush current limiter, a front end power protection device for your avionics, military, or other critical reliability applications. The DVCL controls inrush current drawn by VPT’s EMI filters, DC-DC converters, and discrete input capacitors during startup. Steve Butler, VPT’s VP of Engineering, presents this tutorial. Topics include: [...]

See VPT at the Space Parts Working Group Conference

VPT’s president, Dr. Dan Sable, will give a presentation on space-qualified hybrid DC-DC converters and accessories at this year’s Space Parts Working Group. See Dr. Sable’s presentation on Wednesday, 4/25, at 1:25 p.m. Space Parts Working Group (SPWG) is sponsored by The Aerospace Corporation in cooperation with the Space and Missile Systems Center. In its [...]